Entrepreneurtude: A Thrill of Hope

A Thrill of Hope! 

Say that out loud. Just a wonderful expression. 





Is there a greater human emotional need other than hope?

Stumbling on a version of “O Holy Night” exposed a new light on the phrase “A Thrill of Hope”. 

It’s funny when a song that I have probably heard hundreds of times, yet a new version opened my eyes to the phrase “The Thrill of Hope”. 

Check out this incredibly powerful interpretation of “O Holy Night” by Jennifer Nettles: 


Did you get chills? 

What an amazing gift to sing with such passion and force. Well done Jennifer!! 

The Thrill of Hope 

What do you hope for? 

Hoping that you, your family members and friends each live a long, happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous life.

As a parent, hoping your child lives a much better life than you.

Hope that your life is filled with love.

The hope for exciting adventures and thrilling opportunities.

Hoping for stability, sanity, good times and lots of laughter.

Hoping to live a life that feeds and fills your soul with abundance.

The hope that passions are pursued to the fullest.

Hoping that you achieve goals and personal success.

Hope that dreams are fulfilled.

When Hope turns into sheer determination, your potential soars.

The sky is the limit. You become unstoppable.

Enthusiasm and optimism are extremely contagious. 

Entrepreneurtude: The Thrill of Hope 

When first starting a business, entrepreneurship is certainly thrilling.

I recently introduced the term “Entreprneurtude”.

“An individual who seizes opportunities with relentless persistence and an uncompromising willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.”

Entrepreneurtude: “Do Whatever It Takes”


The thrill of achieving a goal.


Discovering a path to success. The thrill of reaching great heights.

The thrill of conquering a challenge.

Thrilling new ideas, opportunities, and possibilities.  

The thrill of accomplishing what others thought was impossible.

The thrill of desire, hunger, thirst and anticipation of a future unknown.

As an entrepreneur, you hope that you build a profitable and sustainable business model.

((add more – hope of what an entrepreneur will achieve – more on entrepreneurtude))

((should this go towards the end))

The hope that your business at some point in time has significant value and becomes attractive to a buyer. Some day. 

Hope that the evaluation of the company both matches your finances al needs to walk away.

Hoping the buyer feels the same that the price is obtainable and financeable.


Hope that selling your business is the right decision.

Hoping that your future without the daily grind of running your business will bring you joy and satisfaction.


Hoping that the funds received from selling your business will fund its way in a superior investment vehicle rather than keeping your business.


/////Or are you just hoping to get by. Hoping to get through another rough day. Hope to make ends meet and to cover your bills this month. ////


Hoping to get through the day. Hoping to have a good practice today. Hope to support your family. Hoping to provide shelter. Hoping to provide a decent meal.




What is YOUR hope?

Fame? Fortune? Obnoxious success?

Or something more modest?

Like, taking care of your family. Building a sound and profitable business.


Without hope what do we have?

Hopelessness is a dreaded demon that strips away passion, desire, and the ability to fight on.

Hopelessness denies goals. Allures failures. Shatters dreams.

Hopefully, you have watched the iconic 1946 film, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, where lead character George Bailey (James Stewart) lost hope after $8000 went missing from his business (a significant amount of money at that time).

****SPOILER ALERT*******

Was that worth attempting to commit suicide?

Was that worth considering throwing himself off a bridge?

Most importantly, was it worth giving up and abandoning his beautiful wife and 4 loving kids?


*****Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?







[Inscribed in a copy of Tom Sawyer]

“Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings, Love Clarence.”*****


When it comes to money, are situations truly as bad as we really make them out to be?

All storms move on. This too shall pass.

What causes a hopeless situation? 

Death. Tragedy. Loss of a loved one.


The loss of health. Becoming physically paralyzed (Mentally or emotionally). Lost your way due to addiction.


You can plot out the most thorough plan. A detailed map and route for life. Unfortunately, unexpected events occur. New unforeseen challenges face us every day. Tragedies. Accidents. Bad decisions.


PURE COURAGE OR PURE INSANITY – bravery – fearlessness – stupidity – infinitely optimistic – insanely positive – insanely optimistic – conquer the world



  • idea – dream – yes I can do this – yes I’m going to do this – I’m doing this – I can’t believe I’m really doing this – launch date – live (now what) – When can I start pulling a paycheck – will I ever pull a paycheck – I’m pulling a paycheck – created a system – building an asset – scalable & replicable  – exit strategy


Thousands of athletes play college football and basketball. Yet, a tiny fraction make it professionally where they can make a living. Let alone become a star and celebrity. Realized great wealth.


96% of business fail within 10 years. Think about that. That number is absolutely staggering. It is said that 80% or 4 out of 5 fail within five years. Then another 80% fail over the next five. That is crazy!


If you have been in business over 20 or even 30 years, congratulations! You have figured all odds. You are in the top 4% of surviving entrepreneurs.

This is a massive accomplishment that cannot be overstated. Your friends and family that have jobs cannot remotely begin to fathom the magnitude of this incredible feat. Way to Go!


Just starting out? How do you get there? Find a successful 20 – 30 year entrepreneur and LISTEN CLOSELY.