Sell more on Good End and Christmas with WhatsApp catalogs
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WhatsApp is one of the digital tools most used by MSMEs in the country to sell, according to the study Radiography of Entrepreneurship in Mexico carried out by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM) . For this reason, WhatsApp and ASEM come together so that MSMEs increase their sales during high seasons, such as Good End 2021 and the Christmas season, with the help of WhatsApp.

Among the novelties of the initiative is the use of catalog ‘collections’, a recently announced tool that is available through WhatsApp Business, the version of WhatsApp for small businesses.

“This tool will help companies organize their catalog of products and services by categories. Previously, customers who bought through WhatsApp Business had to search a list, which could be very long, and did not differentiate between types of products and services. With the ‘collections’, the shopping experience improves substantially and, with this, the probability that MSMEs will make sales will increase. In fact, the main objective of this initiative that we promote with WhatsApp is to invite Mexican society to buy from MSMEs, especially at this time of year, ”says Jorge Corral, executive director of ASEM.

Through the ‘collections’ , ASEM will offer an exhibition window for micro, small and medium-sized companies to disseminate their products and services and, with the help of WhatsApp, offer a better digital shopping experience for their customers.

To do this, ASEM made a selection of more than 50 companies that actively use WhatsApp Business and have a catalog of products and services.

“We launched a call to MSMEs that are part of the ASEM community and, among the factors that we consider to choose companies, we highlight the participation of female founders, broad coverage throughout the country, and, above all, excellent quality in its products and services ”, explains Ana Cecilia Bilbao, project leader.

Participating companies are available in ASEM’s WhatsApp Business account and are organized by product and service categories, among which are: food and beverages; health, wellness and beauty; gifts and celebrations; fashion; home and decoration; arts and crafts; restaurants and services for SMEs, among others.

Within the framework of this initiative, training will be carried out so that entrepreneurs know how to use WhatsApp Business , as well as the new ‘collections’ tool. The trainings will be free to access and will be broadcast, between November and December, on the Facebook page for Companies .

Consumer support will be key

ASEM emphasizes that the fact that consumers are inclined to buy from micro, small and medium-sized companies has positive effects for the country’s economy. According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), MSMEs generate 67.9% of jobs nationwide, 39.2% of GDP and represent 99.8% of the country’s economic units.

Consumers will be able to buy from the more than 50 MSMEs that are part of this initiative by adding the ASEM WhatsApp Business contact (2215684919) to their phones and subsequently accessing the catalog where they will find various products and services.

“Consumers can be confident that when they enter the ‘collections’ section of ASEM’s WhatsApp, they will find companies that have a wide range of products and services, as well as excellent quality,” concludes Corral.

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