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Google Core Web Vitals - MFG eCommerce Success

In today’s episode, we had two guests over from the same firm. Both the guests shared google core web vitals from their experience. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series episode, our guest speaker was Erin Courtenay and Eric Landman. Both of them have worked at Earthling Interactive for more than seven years helping businesses with their ecommerce website needs. They shareed Google Core Web Vitals and why they are important. 

Today we uncovered how to accelerate eCommerce sales with our guests. In this week’s manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series our guest speaker was Tracy Beulow. Tracy is the Sr. Director of Business Development at Zoro US. Her company helps businesses grow in their best versions. The conversation started with Curt introducing Tracy to the show. After this, Tracy shared what she does and how she got into it. She said that whenever she introduces herself she says that she always stays in B2B and B2C.

To successfully conduct global business, you need the right knowledge behind your decisions.  Otherwise it can be a costly and frustrating endeavor. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series episode, we invited two guests over; Pam Plagens and Trish Stuart. Pam is the Global Advance Manufacturing Team Leader at the U.S Commercial Services and Trish is the US Office Director at Terralingua.  These global business professionals are helping companies conduct business outside of the USA every day.

It takes time and effort on the right things to build your manufacturing business. Today, our guest shared the key aspects of how effective using your technology assets can help to build your manufacturing business. In this week’s The Faces of Business Episode, our guest speaker was Steve Rice. Steve is the Founder of Dotcomjungle and SR consulting. He is also the owner of The Ashland Outdoor Store.  Steve is helping companies effectively utilize their technology by ensuring that it is providing the right solutions and working well for all people using these systems.  Steve employs MBWA (management by walking around) to ensure the technology is addressing the needs at all levels.

All the guests we’ve had on the show have given us some kind of leadership lessons. However, our today’s guest undoubtedly gave us the most diverse leadership lesson one could ever get. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series episode, our guest speaker was Alison Levine. Alison is the Keynote Speaker at Kepler Speakers Bureau and the Author of ON THE EDGE: Leadership Lessons from Everest and Other Extreme Environments.  Alison is one of the select few people to have completed the adventurers grand slam by climbing the highest peaks on all 7 continents and skiing to both poles.  

Today, we talked about the ways to get better marketing leads by working with sales teams with our guest. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Dave Meyer. Dave is the President and Owner at BizzyWeb. Apart from this, he is also a HubSpot Certified Trainer.  Dave has been showing companies how to generate better marketing leads for their businesses by working with sales people for over 20 years.  

Today, we talked about maximizing marketing ROI using Google Shopping with our amazing guest. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Kevin Burrell. Kevin is a Shopping Product Technical Specialist at Pinterest. Before this, he has worked as a Shopping Technical Specialist at Google.  Kevin has helped many companies grow their sales and maximize their marketing ROI using Google Shopping.

What is the ultimate sales growth roadmap and where is the destination? To find the answers to these questions we had our chat today. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series episode, there was no specific guest speaker. However, we had Curt Anderson, Damon Pistulka, Jeffry Graham discuss how to develop a manufacturing digital strategy roadmap. 

We targeted today’s episode towards content that delivers healthy ROI for manufacturers. We had two amazing guests who are experts at generating relevant content for the manufacturing industry. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speakers were Anna Wells and Jeff Reinke. Anna is the Executive Editor at Industrial Media and Jeff is the Editorial Director at the Industrial Media which produces several different print and online sources for for content that delivers a healthy ROI for manufacturers.

Global Ecommerce Sales – MFG eCommerce Success

When it comes to enhancing your global e-commerce sales, it is always good to have a few pointers to point you in the right direction. This is particularly why we had our chat today. In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Ray Ziganto. Ray is the CEO of Global Business Development, 3D CityScapes. Moreover, he is also the co-host of MFG OutLoud and Manufacturing Unicorn at Linara International.  Ray has been involved in international business for over 20 years. The conversation of this episode, started when Curt introduced Ray to the show. After this, Curt asked Ray about his journey and how he got linked to Alison. Answering this question Ray said that when he first met Allison DeFord it felt like he has met his business counterpart.

Customer Service Transformation Strategies for Manufacturers – MFG eCommerce Success

Customer service transformation comes only when you put ample focus on your customer service from the beginning of your business. So, our today’s guest gave a detailed overview of this topic.

 In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Wesleyne Greer. Wesleyne is the founder & Sales Management Coach at Transformed Sales. Apart from this, she is also the Founding Member of Formation and a Member of the Houston Business Journal Leadership Trust.


Reshoring Manufacturing Makes Cents – MFG eCommerce Success Series

The reshoring initiative is still a new one and this is why not many people are aware of what is reshoring manufacturing. To understand these terms better, we had our talk today.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was none other than Harry Morse. Harry is a renowned name all around the US and the world too. He has worked with the President of the US.

Branding Strategies that Produce Powerful Results – MFG ecommerce Success Series

For today’s episode, our guest talked about various branding strategies for manufacturers. These strategies will help out new brands as well as already existing ones.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series our guest speaker was, Paul Kiesche. Paul is the President and Creative Director at Aviate Creative. Moreover, he is also the Founder of the Manufacturing Marketing Mastermind.  Paul has been helping companies implement branding strategies for many years.

Creating Research Fueled Research Marketing – MFG eCommerce Success

To create a research based marketing strategy you need to put sufficient work into it. This is why we had our today’s talk to understand how this is done.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series episode, our guest speaker was Lori Highby. Lori is the Founder and CEO of Keystone Click. Her company is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses creating a research based marketing strategy. 

How Resellers Can Increase Ecommerce Sales – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Kelly Cudworth. Kelly is the President of NuLeaf Office Solutions. His company was started by his father around 46 years ago and Kelly has worked there for 16 years now.  NuLeaf Office Solutions is a business/office supplies reseller with over 100,000 SKUs on multiple ecommerce platforms.

The conversation started with Curt introducing Kelly. After this, Kelly gave a little introduction about himself and his company. He said that he joined his father’s company because he wanted to get into the entrepreneurial side of things.

How To Change The World With A sustainable Supply Chain – MFG Ecommerce Success?

Today, we got to the root of a sustainable supply chain and how is it possible.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Sheri R. Hinish. Sheri is the Founder of the Supply Chain Revolution. Apart from this, she has worked with IBM for almost 3 years. Sheri also holds a number of degrees in multiple fields.  Sheri is a frequent speaker on supply chain subjects including how supply chains can be used to promote equitable and sustainable change.

ERP to Magento 2 Case Study – MFG eCommerce Success

For today’s episode, we did something different yet valuable. We invited Noah Oken-Berg to present a case study on solving ERP to Magento 2 challenges along with his client Vanessa Nornberg.

Therefore, in this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speakers were Noah Oken-Berg and Vanessa Nornberg. Noah is the Co-Founder and CEO of Above The Fray and Vanessa is the CEO of Bombshell Accessories dba Metal Mafia.  We are discussing how important it is to find the right partner when building a custom interface with your ERP system and solving ERP to Magento 2 challenges.

How to use LinkedIn ads for business growth? A question that businesses have to ask themselves while growing. To find the answer to this question, we had our talk today.

 In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Julbert Abraham. Julbert is the Founder and CEO of Abraham Global Marketing and the host of the Small Biz Tips Podcast. Julbert helps people use LinkedIn to drive sales.  He is an expert in Sales Navigator and LinkedIn PPC ads.

Simple Marketing Tips that Produce Powerful Results – MFG eCommerce Success Series

As a company owner, sometimes you may find simple marketing tips that provide powerful results. These tips can go a long way if you work on them correctly. To understand more about this, we had our talk today.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Eric Antwi. Eric is the Founder and CEO of Spark Colony. Where he is working as a web developer and digital marketing advisor helping other companies.

USA MFG Hour – A Manufacturing Community – MFG eCommerce Success Series

Dan Bigger Dan Bigger is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Chenango Valley Technologies. While working as a sales executive, Dan has increased the new customer base by 12 which increased the revenue by 300K annually.

Moreover, he also performs multiple other duties to support the company he is working for.

Apart from this Dan is also the Founder/Co-host/Organizer of #USAMfgHour Twitter chat. At this Twitter chat, Dan has initiated many chats on the topics of sales, lead generation, marketing, etc. Before this, Dan has worked at many companies and firms as Director Sales, Account Executive, and Director of Operations.

As for his education, Dan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant management. Check out the episode!

Make it Easy to Buy from You – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Kristina Harrington

Kristina Harrington is the President and COO at GenAlpha Technologies. Apart from this, she is also the President and COO of Brookfield, WI, and the Co-Founder of Two Girls and a Farm. Before this, Kris has experience working as an America’s Mining Sales Leader at Enerpac too.

As for her current work, Kris supports equipment and parts manufacturers with information, services they need to sell online, and tools.

Moreover, she was also the Regional Manager of Caterpillar Inc. Before this, Kris has also worked at Bucyrus International for more than 8 years.

As for her education, Kris has a Bachelor of Administration in Finance from Marquette University.

Millennials in MFG – Manufacturing eCommerce Success Series


Guest Speaker: Mike Womack

Mike Womack is the Marketing Project Manager at NJMEP. At this firm, he specializes in building a strong brand presence. He also works for creating and maintaining business relationships through digital platforms such as social media and other platforms.

Mike has experience in Content development, copywriting, and Brand Development as well. Moreover, he is also a member of the Forbes Communication Council. Before this, Mike was a Marketing Manager at Hamilton Buhl and a Social Media Marketing Manager at Rovere Media.

As for his educational experience, Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in New Marketing Strategies from William Paterson University of New Jersey.

Cyber Security for Manufacturers – MFG Ecommerce Success Series


Guest Speaker: Celia Paulsen

Celia Paulsen is currently serving as the Cyber Security Specialist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Her job here is to oversee and facilitate small and medium enterprises on cybersecurity throughout the US.

Before this, Celia was also an IT specialist at the same firm. Apart from this, she has also worked as Student Assistant Veterans Affairs Representative at San Bernardino Valley College and Signals Intelligence Analyst in the US Army.

As for her education, Celia has an MBA from the California State University and a BA from the same institution. She was also an Associate of Arts at this university.

Key Strategies to Dominate SEO – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Justin Smith

Justin Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of OuterBox. OuterBox is an online marketing company that helps companies increase sales by increasing their online presence. Apart from this, Justin is also a partner at Aviya Mattress and the CEO of Onveos.

His company OuterBox was founded in 2004. At that time, Justin was a college student and he dropped out of college just to start his own company. The target of his company is to support various companies to increase their sales and how to dominate SEO presence.


Moreover, they help these companies to manage their online and web presence as well. As for his education, Justin did not complete college, but he did Web Design, Web Development, and Graphic Design from The Art Institute.

Startup to Grow Up Supply Chain – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Dyci Manns Sfregola

Dyci Manns is the Managing Director of her own company New Gen Architects. Along with this, she is also the Senior Manager of Supply Chain – MSE at Keyrus. Dyce is a Global Supply Chain professional, with ex

Along with this, Dyci is also a Software Consultant and Connected Planning Evangelist. Before this, Dyci has worked as a Manager – Technical Supply Chain Transformations at Myrtle Consulting Group more recently.

Moreover, among her vast pool of experiences, Dyci has also worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist. As for her education, Dyci has a BS Degree in Industrial Engineering and an MS Degree in Engineering Management. Additionally, she has a BA in Spanish. perience working cross-culturally and linguistically

Video Marketing – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

Our Guest David Mantey

David Mantey is the Editorial Director of Digital Media at Industrial Media. In his role in Industrial Media, he works with salespersons and content creators. There, they provide manufacturers and industries with engaging content for their clients. This also includes video marketing content.

David has a Degree of BA in English, Creative Writing, and Professional Writing. According to David, he is passionate about creating content that is engaging for his clients.

Make Your Customer the Hero of Their Story – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Allison DeFord

Allison DeFord is the founder and Trailblazer of FELT Marketing for Manufacturers. The company works to help manufacturers get to the heart of their customers through correct marketing.

Apart from her own company, Allison is also the Executive Director of North America Forest Foundation and the Co-Host at MFG OutLoud Podcast. Alongside FELT Allison also works as a Trailblazer for Linara International.

One major goal of Allison is to aid manufacturers to engage the customers in marketing messaging that is felt. She started her journey of helping people reach the potential of sales in 94, with her creative manager. At that time she realized the importance of scalable marketing. Allison also rebrands her brand over every ten years to comply with newer trends.

Allison holds a degree Bachelor’s in Graphic Designing from California State University. 

Going Global With Alibaba Group – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson is currently working as the director of Marketing at Alibaba Group. She is an experienced marketer with 10 plus years of experience in online and offline marketing. Apart from this, she has also been the Director of Marketing at Catchpoint, Ghostery, Trustpilot, and Neebula in the past.

Kate has a BA Degree from George Town University and an MBA from Boston University – School of Management. Kate’s specialties include strategic budget management, development execution, global manufacturing sales, content marketing, blogging, and SEO, etc.

Kate thrives working with businesses by integrating channels, combining analytics, with creativity to deliver results.

Selling on Amazon – MFG Ecommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Brian Beck

Brian Beck is the CEO of BECK eCommerce. His company BECK provides expert eCommerce and digital transformation advisory services to B2B firms. Apart from this, Brian is also the managing partner at Enceiba, among the board of advisors at Credit Key, and an advisor at Guidance.

Apart from this, Beck is also the author of his infamous book, “Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce.” This comprehensive book talks in detail about eCommerce in B2B businesses. His book has also been among the bestsellers at Amazon. This is to say, Brian has sufficient knowledge about selling on Amazon.

Before this, Brian also founded a company called which was sold later on. As for Brian’s education, he has a BA in economics from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from the same university.

 Creating a Digital Twin of Your Sales Team – The Exit Your Way Business Round Table

Guest Speaker: Greg Mischio

Greg Mischio is the owner and strategic director of Windbound. The purpose of Windbound is to create content for companies to keep their prospective clients engaged. The kind of content that will increase their sales not by traditional marketing but by the online pages.

This will allow companies in creating a digital twin for their marketing team. Apart from this, Greg has also been a freelance copywriter for a long period of time. As a copywriter, he has worked at gmwrites, CUNA Mutual Group, and RS&K. Before this, he has also been the Marketing Director at Endicott Financial.

In his educational experience, Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As for his skills, Greg holds multiple skills including content marketing, SEO, and manufacturing marketing, etc.

Inbound Marketing – Manufacturing eCommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Joshua Curcio

Joshua Curcio is the Chief Operating Officer and Partner at Protocol 80. Protocol 80 Inc. is an inbound marketing agency that drives results for B2B manufacturing clients.

The Protocol 80 team, works on helping these manufacturing businesses to increase lead generation and customer acquisition.

Josh has a Bachelors Degree in Communication, Marketing, Advertisement, and PR from University of Pittsburgh. He is also a certified HubSpot Trainer and Google AdWords Certified.

The Business Behind eCommerce Sales – Manufacturing eCommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker: Damon Pistulka

Damon Pistulka is the Co-founder of Exit Your Way and the show host of the roundtable at exit your way. Currently, Damon is also a Managing Partner at Sell a Business. The purpose of Damon’s business is to help other business who are about to sell, get out in a good value.

He says that most businesses when about to get sold, do not get the best value for their investment or the business doesn’t sell entirely. Therefore his company helps these businesses to get the best value for their business’s sale. Moreover, they help businesses behind eCommerce sales as well.

In terms of education, Damon has a Bachelor’s Degree in MS Industrial Management from South Dakota State University. He also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the same university. His skills include strategy developer, Business broker, and leader.

Unlocking Your Key Persona – Manufacturing eCommerce Success Series

 Guest Speaker: Gretchen Lindell

Gretchen Lindell is an online instructor, creator, motivator, and blogger. She is also a consultant at her own company, Gretchen Lindell Consulting. Before this, she has also worked at Heritage Ministries and James Town Business College.


At Gretchen Lindell consultancy, they provide small businesses with the website development and maintenance facilities. They also provide one-on-one training on office technologies and public relations and marketing services.


Her specialties include social media management, strategic planning, and management. The purpose of Gretchen’s work is to help you unlock your key persona. Her goal is also to be an inspiration to her students.


As for Gretchen’s education, she has a degree of BA in communication from the University of Massachusetts and an EdM. Education Media and Technology from Boston University. She is also a licensed MOS Word and Excel specialist.

Digital Transformations with eCommerce – Manufacturing eCommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker Jeffry Graham

Jeffry Graham is currently the founder of Ecommerce MGMT. He was also one of the co-founders of Exit Your Way

Early in his 20’s as a professional motocross racer and freestyle rider, Jeffery faced an accident after which forced him to give up motocross. This accident is what led him toward sales.

Jeffry wen ton to build the sales engine of a multi state law firm, a specialized mount manufacturing company, and then various other companies in his consulting company HowIsSell.

Jeffry built and sold his first tech-based company in 2011.

Jeffry has helped his clients generate over $1B in sales growth. Jeffry is very passionate about sales and e-commerce.

7 Things Your Website Can Do to Automate Sales – Manufacturing eCommerce Success Series

Guest Speaker Jeff Long

Jeff Long is the owner of True Focus Media. True Focus media helps businesses take their message to the market through media.

Jeff also provides eLearning and training, and website design and development for manufacturers.

Jeff is also the owner of Exit Row Productions and Summit Interaction at the Ohio Video Production.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science from Faith Baptist Bible College.

Killing It With Video Content – Manufacturing eCommerce Success Series

 Guest Speaker: Bonnie Sussman Strominger

Bonnie is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GoLidZ. Her company GoLidZ is a revolutionization in the grab and go food business. They create cup lids of standard size in a box shape that can carry food on top of the cup without getting it spilled. It is one of the most innovative two-in-one solutions.

In marketing her GOLidZ products, Bonnie has generated more than 6 million views & 260K likes on Tik Tok.

Bonnie holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Marketing from Arizona State University.


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