Jeffry Graham talks about Digital Transformation For Manufacturers. Hosted by IMEC – Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

Hosted by IMEC - Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

Hosted by IMEC - Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center

Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center -Igniting Illinois manufacturing excellence and global competitiveness.

IMEC is a team of improvement specialists and technicians dedicated to providing organizations in Illinois with the tools and techniques to create sustainable competitive futures. The experienced hands-on team at IMEC works closely with its clients to plan critical business improvements in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, Customer Engagement, Operations, and Workforce.

With more than 50 full-time staff and partners positioned statewide, IMEC delivers the local expertise to not only plan and strategize, but to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of client improvements. In fact, IMEC assists more than 700 companies each year with successful business improvement projects.

As a result, IMEC has demonstrated a return on investment that exceeds 19:1. This is made possible as organizations become more effective and efficient – and together with IMEC – excel toward enterprise excellence.

ATTENTION MANUFACTURERS!  Spark sales growth with attention to your eCommerce strategy, developed through 5-part training series on February 9, 12, 16, 19, and 23.
Scroll down for session descriptions – AND RECORDINGS OF PAST SESSIONS!
The SPARK NEW GROWTH: eCommerce Strategy for Manufacturers Series is designed to teach small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses the ins and outs of online marketing, selling, and sourcing to accelerate their digital transformation and ensure long-term success.
Taught through 5 sessions, the eCommerce Strategy for Manufacturers Series helps you to:
  • Master the basics of ecommerce: Discover how you can tap into the US $23.9 trillion global B2B ecommerce opportunity using ecommerce best practices to source and sell online.
  • Strengthen your online presence: Optimize your social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and digital marketing strategies to boost your visibility and drive high-quality traffic to your online store.
  • Build relationships with suppliers and buyers: Develop the skills to effectively establish and maintain your supplier and buyer partnerships.
  • Learn from the pros: Receive step-by-step guidance and mentorship on tools that can help unlock business efficiencies online during two tailored sessions a week taught by industry experts.
Valued at $600 per attendee, this training is available at no cost to Illinois manufacturers through Federal CARES Act funding.
  • Session 1: eCommerce & Digital Disruption is Driving Digital Transformation for Manufacturers Faster than Ever  |  Jeffry Graham
    This session will highlight solutions to help guide your company through the process of building and maintaining your eCommerce presence
  • February 12: Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers: A Modern Approach to Lead Generation and eCommerce Sales  |  Josh Curcio
    Your website can become a revenue generation machine, but it’s not magic. If you want to drive enough leads or sell enough products to drive serious growth, you need a strategy. Inbound marketing strategies should be customer-centric. Your website should be the one they find when doing their research. Inbound also focuses on the whole picture; attracting strangers, converting leads, closing sales, and creating promoters! This session will give you the information needed to start building your own inbound strategy. We’ll also share what we see works and what doesn’t work in real-world situations
  • February 16: 7 Things Manufacturers Should Do to Automate Marketing, Get More Ecommerce Sales and Boost SEO  |  Jeff Long
    Imagine if you could duplicate your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts and results while decreasing your time spent working on them? In this webinar, I will teach you 7 ways to automate your marketing, sales, and customer service. I’ll share strategies on how to improve your website and marketing so you can leverage technology to increase sales, cut costs and reduce time involvement. We’ll discuss why manufacturers need to consider e-commerce, especially in these changing times. And to top it off, I’ll share simple video strategies to help you get more leads, increase sales, and boost SEO. You will leave this webinar with practical strategies to implement in your company.
  • February 19: Manufacturers Going Global with eCommerce  |  Ray Ziganto
    The prospect of going global with your manufacturing company can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you filter-out the myths and horror-stories from 30 years-ago and look at what’s possible & what’s actually happening TODAY, taking your business Global can be a new pathway to growth. You may even already have a head-start & don’t realize it!  Key topics of the session include:
    – Dispelling the “Myths” around international business
    – The resources at your disposal
    – How to conduct an internal ‘readiness’ assessment
    – How to determine your ‘best-fit’ for Global expansion
    – How to leverage e-Commerce & other channels
  • February 23: Monitoring & Measuring eCommerce Success for Manufacturers  |  Damon Pistulka

MEP National Network As a NIST MEP approved Center, IMEC is the official representative of the MEP National Network in Illinois. The MEP National Network is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing. Watch the