Etsy Launches New Requirements for Order Tracking
A quick reminder about the new tracking requirement
Shipping an order of $10 or more from the United States to a shopper in the US? For some orders, you’ll need to add a tracking number before you mark the order complete. Shoppers want to know exactly where their package is and when it will arrive and providing these details to buyers upfront means you can spend less time responding to messages from shoppers looking for their order.

Quick tips: Marking an order complete lets the customer know it’s on its way.

Wait to mark the order complete until the package is with the shipping carrier so shoppers have an accurate estimate of when the order will arrive.

When you purchase a shipping label on Etsy that includes tracking, we’ll automatically mark the order complete for you. If you need more time to drop off the package, you can choose a date up to two days in the future when you purchase the label.

When you manually mark orders complete, you’ll need to enter a tracking number first.

We know that it’s not always possible to offer tracking, so this requirement doesn’t apply in the following instances: Digital items, including custom digital items Customized order additions linked to another order Local pickup and delivery options Oversized and heavy items You’ll also have the option to choose “Other” and add a quick explanation for why you can’t add tracking for an order.

We know that sometimes carriers are delayed, but we believe including tracking for more orders will help you and your customers keep track of orders.

Check out this article in the Seller Handbook to learn more about when you need to add tracking.

– Esty