Ecommerce Persona Form

ecommerce persona

An Ecommerce persona customer or user persona is a semi-fictional representation of your target customer based on demographic data. It’s a vivid cross section of your different types of customers—their unique motivations, pain points, psychographics, preferences, and backstories.

Key Persona Exercise Worksheet

    Section One: About Your Company's Mission & Vision

  • Section Two: About Your Company's Objectives

  • Section Three: Understanding Your Customers

  • Section Four: More About Your Key Persona

  • Now that we know some basics about your Key Persona, can we zero in on some of his/her/their sources of information?

  • Section Five: Your Key Persona and the Future

  • In this section, let us get inside of your Key Persona’s head. What motivates him/her/them? Also, what discourages your Key Persona?

  • Section Six: Your Key Persona at Work

  • Section Seven: Your Key Persona and the Sale

  • In this final section, let us discover how your Key Persona might react during a sales process.

    There are usually three reasons why someone might object to a sale: time, money, and/or authority.

  • Phew, that was a lot of information! You got it all on paper, and you now know a lot more about your Key Persona. Great Job!

    Can you almost see this person now? All of the answers you gave today, will help to inform your future marketing tactical choices. (Like do I need to invest in a Facebook page? Well, if your Key Persona is hanging out on Facebook, you may want to explore that space further.)

    At this point, you may use this information as is, or go one step further and create a profile for your Key Persona.

    A profile is just like it sounds; it is a mock-up biography of your Key Persona. If you choose to create this document, you will keep it with your marketing documents, and you would also circulate it to your sales team.

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