Become a Certified Ecommerce Management Professional

Certified Ecommerce Management Professional
Certified Ecommerce Management Professional (CEMP)


Companies and organizations of all sizes need Ecommerce professional to manage and maintain ecommerce operations. Certified Ecommerce Management Professionals can significantly impact their employers’ success, so organizations seek out professionals with education, experience, and expertise in their field. This means employers pursue CEMPs to fill many of these open positions.

In the United States, Certified Ecommerce Management Professionals  earn licenses from Ecommerce MGMT (Ecommerce EDU). This certificate is required to meet the Ecommerce Management uniform certification exam and prerequisites.

An Individual may decide on becoming a CEMP for a few reasons. First, many positions require this certified skill, so non-certified ecommerce professionals have fewer job opportunities. Also, CEMP’ salaries exceed the earnings of non-certified professionals.


Educational Requirements

Depending on the state where you live, you may need to earn 120-150 postsecondary credits. If you live in a state that requires 120 credits, you must earn a bachelor’s degree. You also need a master’s degree if you live in a state that requires 150 credits.

While you do not need to hold a bachelor’s degree in a specific field, you should possess either a minor in degree or at least 24 credits related to ecommerce or a similar field.


Citizenship Qualification

To receive this certification, it is required for you to be a citizen and resident of the United States of America.  U.S. citizenship, you must provide your Social Security number to CEMP and the Ecommerce MGMT Licensing board. However, when you take the test, you do not need to bring your Social Security card — only the number.

Only adults 18 years and older may become certified public accountants. This restriction rarely impacts test takers due to other requirements.

As many Ecommerce Jobs only accept applications from various Ecommerce backgrounds. However, candidates should start planning for their careers well before taking the CEMP exam.


Register for The CEMP

Submit all college transcripts to The Ecommerce MGMT Cooperative (Ecommerce EDU). Once the board has your transcripts, fill out the exam application provided. You need not sign up for all parts of the exam at once; you have six months after receiving your approval  to schedule your exam date.



You will need a 75% or higher to pass the CEMP exam.

The CEMP exam uses a weighted scoring system. All multiple-choice questions have a 50% weight. On the business environment and concepts portion, written communication questions have a 15% weight. Finally, correctly answering a difficult question awards more points than correctly answering an easier question.

Expert graders read and score your replies. Computers grade your answers to multiple-choice questions.

You receive your scores at the end of the testing window. As a result, you may have to wait up to 60 days before viewing scores on your CEMP profile page.

Please complete the form below to receive any additional information about the CEMP. One of our counselors will reach out to you and help in any way we can.

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