Do you want to grow your online sales? CanastaRosa helps you through MyStore
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Deborah Dana has been an entrepreneur for more than 12 years, but for four years she has had a mission to help small businesses, especially those headed by women, become professional. With this objective, Canasta Rosa was born in 2017, a marketplace of unique, local and artisan products, which she founded at the hand of Isabel Olea.


The platform connects thousands of consumers with entrepreneurs and offers the infrastructure to buy and sell in a simple, friendly way and with one of the most accessible commissions on the market. With Canasta Rosa thousands of small entrepreneurs were empowered to sell online and increase their monthly income.

However, there is still a gap to close in e-commerce in the country. The Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO) indicates that barely 58% of SMEs in Mexico have online sales and 85% of them are carried out through social networks.

Precisely to provide entrepreneurs with a simple solution so that they can sell through social networks and concentrate the information from their different sales channels in one place, Canasta Rosa launched MyStore .

This tool works as a software as a service (SaaS) and helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to scale their sales through the internet without losing personalized attention to their customers. Most importantly, with it, business owners can make business decisions based on your information.

With MyStore it is possible to create an online store in 10 minutes and connect with millions of buyers. In addition, it allows you to manage all your orders in a smart, easy and friendly platform. With it you can receive orders from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, your website and the largest marketplaces.

“Great leaders are noticed by the teams they make. Today, MyStore comes to revolutionize the way people can sell and bring their products to their customers. MyStore will be an important social impact, since it is first reactivating local microeconomies through entrepreneurs who offer their products, which allows them to generate and have a better quality of life for their families and for the social nucleus where they develop ”, he said. Deborah Dana, founder of Canasta Rosa, during the relaunch of MyStore.

“Another characteristic is to promote and reactivate the economy of entrepreneurs, since they have great growth potential. The pandemic prompted MyStore for its development since it is a platform that allows to expand communication and, therefore, the benefits that are offered in it, without having to be physically present, “added the shark from Shark Tank Mexico.

Deborah Dana, founder of MyStore. Photo: Courtesy

WhatsApp to boost your sales

According to the Digital 2021 Global Overview 2021 study (by Hootsuite), commerce in Mexico through WhatsApp has a universe of 35 million users, which implies that this app is not only a communication tool, but is also positioned as a great opportunity to reach the target audience of all entrepreneurs.

With this, MyStore is positioned as the largest platform for digital micro-entrepreneurs in Mexico with more than 22,000 registered stores.

MyStore has three plans:

  • Basic: Start selling online easy and free at You have the Canasta Rosa logistics service, shipments to the entire republic and express shipments.
  • Plus: You have your own online store with direct payments, without withholdings and connecting directly with your favorite channels. You can sell directly on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. In addition, customize your payment methods and receive direct payments without withholdings. This service charges a fee of 249 pesos per month. With it, the company expects to have a growth of 100x in the next 15 months, which would reaffirm its place as the largest SME platform in the country.
  • Growth: Connect your online store to other marketplaces and reach 30 million buyers. You can sell on Amazon, Mercado Libre and Wish with just one click. In addition, it will enable you to sell your products in corporations with Canasta Rosa Corporate and sell internationally. The cost for this service is 499 pesos per month.

According to its commercial strategy, in 2022 all Spanish-speaking countries will be able to be users of this platform.

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