Voice AIs are raising competition concerns, EU finds

The European Union has been digging into the competition implications of AI-powered voice assistants and other Internet of Things (IoT) connected technologies for almost a year. Today it’s put out a first report discussing potential concerns that EU lawmakers say will help inform their wider digital policymaking in the coming

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The imbalanced landscape of hormonal health

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. For this week’s deep dive, Alex, Natasha, and Chris dug into the world of hormonal health, a sub-sector within the massive (and booming) world of digital health. The show was inspired by

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2020 Ecommerce Sales

Charts: 2020 Global Ecommerce Sales

The Asia Pacific region generated roughly 62.6 percent of 2020 global ecommerce sales. North America was second at 19.1 percent, followed by Western Europe (13.0 percent), Central and Eastern Europe (2.4 percent), Latin America (2.1 percent), and the Middle East and Africa (1.1 percent). — As for countries, 2020 ecommerce

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Inventory Management

Save Money on Inventory with EOQ

A production scheduling model first proposed in 1913 and popularized in the late 1980s may help modern companies understand how much inventory to buy and how often, saving money in the process. Ford Whitman Harris, an American production engineer, developed the economic order quantity (EOQ) model to help buyers at

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customer feedback

17 Tools for Customer Feedback

Feedback surveys can help determine what’s working with your website or service and provide fresh insights from customers and prospects. Here is a list of tools for surveys and forms. There are simple survey builders and full experience platforms. Most offer free plans. Tools for Feedback Surveys SurveyMonkey is a

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e book

Using an Ebook for B2B Lead Generation

Trading an ebook for a prospect’s contact information is among the purest forms of content marketing. It’s an effective way for B2B sellers to find their next customer. B2B companies supply the products that ecommerce and omnichannel sellers retail to the general public. I was recently reminded how a simple

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grow your email list

Need More First-party Leads? Grow Your Email List

The elimination of third-party cookies and the removal of auto-tracking on Apple iOS devices has marketers scrambling. No longer can they rely on those tactics to communicate with targeted prospects. So-called “first party” data, where a company has a direct relationship with consumers, is now paramount. There is no better

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