About The Ecommerce Management Cooperative

The Leadership Team

Founder & CEO 
Jeffry Graham 
Former Private Equity Ecommerce CEO
Ecommerce Machine & Expert
Speaker | Author | Innovator
1B In Ecommerce Sales
Co-Founder & COO
Damon Pistulka
CEO Exit Your Way
Speaker | Trainer | Problem Solver
Ecommerce Operations & Sustainability
Transacted Numerous Ecommerce Companies 
Curt Anderson 
CEO B2B Tail 
Author | Speaker | Trainer 
Ecommerce Specialist | Associations | SBDC | MEP & Higher Education Partnerships
Executive Sales Leadership 
Wesleyne Greer 
CEO Transformed Sales 
With 15+ years in sales and leadership focused on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing) 
Former chemist that became an international sales manager

Attached to this leadership team is a massive bench of professionals who support the growth of manufacturing.

252 Expert Growth Consultants 54,421 Development Hours 224 Trusted Clients 1,113

A Real Manufacturing Companies Cooperative. Ecommerce MGMT is the cooperative that helps like no other!
Over the last 15 years, We have helped many businesses to grow their online sales, improve customer conversion, increase visitor traffic and significantly enhance their customer loyalty. We all didn’t gain our experience Monday morning quarterbacking. We got it being in the trenches and being in the fight. All of us have built and successfully scaled and developed many ecommerce companies over the years. Establishing partnerships all major channel partners and cart providers. We are loyal to our customers goals. We know if we help our customers win online we win. C’mon everyone likes a win win situation.
We are flexible and can work with small budgets. Small companies or skeptic can now have a low barrier of entry. We will let our results do the talking.
While we have worked with some large brands, we have also worked with many start-ups on store-string budgets. We offer a flexible way of working and will always over-deliver. Simply tell us where you need to help and we will advise on the best way forward. Our intention is to help you succeed and avoid the painful and expensive pitfalls that causes many online businesses to fail. We have made all of the mistakes for you not to have to make the same ones.
Proven Experience
Unlike many marketing companies, our advice and recommendations are based 100% on proven experience. We have worked both supplier and client side for brands where we have delivered first class results, so we understand expectations and accountability. We also do not employ any illegal or ‘black hat’ marketing techniques to cut corners. But, we do know how to maximize your time and money for the best results.
Clear & Transparent Advice
Every piece of work & advice we provide is clear, legal and transparent. It is important to build a solid base and a good name for your online business so we only focus on the legitimate activities that deliver results in the most efficient way for your budget.
We don’t cut corners for a quick win.
We don’t tell you what you want to hear.
We are sometimes brutally honest because it’s the only way we can make your business online a success.
Before we start any work, we will explain what I intend to do in plain English so you can be happy and confident with my suggestions, time scales and costs. Once you are happy, we will get started.
Our internet marketing is extremely affordable and are only a fraction of the cost of most agencies who often charge around $150+ per hour. As a cooperative we provide buying power in the betterment of the group of members.
We built this cooperative to help manufacturing companies in the US win online. Time are changing and US manufacturing companies are at a disadvantage online and we want to change the tides on that. Many of our family members and colleagues have been devoted to manufacturing the best products. We are devoted to seeing those products succeed online.